Project Management

Project Management: Nothing beats … experience.

I have over fifteen years of professional project management experience, directing hundreds of projects big and small.  Some of the past project management positions I’ve held include:

  • Director of Technology & Development, (current)
  • Director of Software Development, PCI Educational Publishing
  • Senior Project Manager, VM Foundry / W2O Digital
  • Senior Project Manager, Fusion Learning Systems
  • Senior Producer, Ignite Learning
  • Project Manager/Programmer, Human Code

Effectively managing development projects requires excellent communication skills, maintaining budget, executing timely deliverables & milestones, and ensuring the stakeholders are included. This is not always an easy task and often requires patience and diligence. Commonly used tools for my projects include Microsoft Project, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Basecamp, and Bugtracker.

I have experience with projects teams ranaging from two to hundreds of resources. Past project budgets have been upwards of $200,000. I have experience with with offshore resources in India, Mexico, and Agrentina. I have worked in variety of settings; advertising, publishing, educational, Fortune 500, etc.

Recent projects:

  • Overseeing the production, programming, and quality assurance testing for a Colorado-based, edu-publisher. The product is a two CD math curriculum for Kindergarten. Project team includes two programmers, a designer, a tester, and several different stakeholders.
  • Managed the migration between content management systems for a fortune 500 company. Scale included several business units and over 4,000 skus. My immediate role was managing a group of offshore content developers porting specialty content or items not migrated by script. Project employed an extensive application suite and required coordination with a broad project team (IT, Product Managers, and Executive Staff).